AOC Graves Red

Our red wine, Château Maillard, is made from Bordeaux grape varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. After a whole season of careful care, our grapes are harvested by machine, vinified and aged in vats for a year.

The wine, fruit of all the attentions, is racked several times and filtered before packaging.

Our red wine, Château Maillard, has a fruity nose (with notes of blackberries and raspberries). The color is fairly deep garnet. The tasting reveals a good balance and delicate tannins. The ideal tasting temperature is around 19 ° C (but you have to discover the fresh red Grave in summer ...)

- 75 cl bottle (box of six bottles).
- Magnum 1.5 l (box of six possible).
- Round bib 3 l (chic version of the bib!)
- Other packaging possible on request.

Food and wine pairing
Château Maillard will go well with white or red meats as well as cheeses.

Thanks to all these efforts, we obtained the HVE3 certification in 2018. And we are in the process of ISO 14001 certification.

In September 2020, we are one of the 100 finalists of the Bordeaux Vignoble Commitment, in the “living together” category, we are continuing our efforts and are attentive to constant changes in the environment.

AOC Graves White 

Our dry white wine Chateau Maillard is made from Sémillon grape varieties harvested by hand by our team (our production amounts to 2,500 bottles per year, compared to 350,000 bottles for the red). The white wine is "stirring" on the lees (process consisting in stirring up the deposits in order to give texture to the finished wine). It is racked, filtered and bottled in January.

Comments / tasting:
The serious white Château Maillard has a fairly expressive nose (notes of white fruit and floral notes). Its color is straw yellow. Its mouth is full with a slight fatness and offers a very good aromatic return with brioche notes. Graves blanc is a wine that is drunk young and fresh.

Conditioning :
- 75cl bottle (Box of 6 bottles) 

Food and wine pairing:
The grave blanc Château Maillard can be enjoyed as an aperitif, plain or with a hint of blackcurrant or peach. It will be delicious on a seafood platter, or with white meat.


In perpetual evolution, we owe it to ourselves to have projects! In 2020, we will develop a new cuvée vinified in terracotta jars, in the hope of further highlighting the characteristics of our terroir. To be continued ...

We would like to continue to equip ourselves so as to further reduce our herbicide inputs.

We are thinking about ways to collect and recycle rainwater.

A host of small amenities that we will be sure to share via Facebook and Instagram (insect hotel, flowery fallow…).

The creation of group accommodation is under study ... Wait and see.

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