The plots

Château Maillard is located in the land of Graves: a unique terroir composed of alluvium from the Garonne, gravel, clay and silty sand. The other particularity of this vineyard is that it is all in one piece: the vines are gathered around the cellar.

Our philosophy

Being in tune with nature has been our main goal for many years.
The change began first in sustainable agriculture with the support of the Gironde Chamber of Agriculture.
Based on this work, which is already well advanced, we have decided to integrate the EMS (Environmental Management System) for Bordeaux wines, overseen by the CIVB (Interprofessional Committee for Bordeaux Wines).

The approach has led us to:
- Manage our wine and wine effluents.
- Manage our waste
- Reduce our phytosanitary inputs: we no longer use any CMR products (Carcinogenic, Mutagens, Reprotoxic) for the sake of the well-being of our team and our residents.
- We limit chemical weeding, by purchasing soil tillage equipment.
- We make our staff aware of good environmental practices.

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