Bruno DAVID, harvester owner.

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The story

The story begins in 1962, when Pierre and Nicole DAVID arrive on the property, it is a living area of mixed farming, cows, corn, hay and only about ten hectares of vines. The owner at the time trusted them completely. By mutual agreement, the total conversion to viticulture was initiated to reach around thirty hectares in the 1970s. (Bruno, their son and current owner was then four years old). A cellar had been set up in the outbuildings and former stables. On the death of the former owner, his family naturally suggested that Pierre and Nicole David acquire the property. The couple then embarks on the adventure…

In 1980, the property adjoining Château Maillard was for sale. Again Pierre and Nicole invest and transform it, increasing the area under vines to 55 ha.

As the Maillard cellar became cramped, a new cellar was built from an old farmhouse, on the recently acquired property at a place called Ramonas. (current head office)

Unfortunately, Pierre died in 1982. Nicole continued their project as a mistress until Bruno joined her to support her at the end of the 1980s.

In the 1990s, Ramonas's immediate neighbor, eager to retire, offered Bruno to acquire his vines, increasing the area under vines by an additional 3 ha. Château Maillard now has 58 ha in one piece.

Constant improvements are being made, in particular the construction of a wastewater treatment plant to treat wine and wine effluents (Château Maillard was a pioneer at this level) the search for optimization and the concern for environmental sustainability are already present. In 2008, after the death of his mother, Bruno (helped by his wife Fabienne) took over the company founded by his parents.

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